VW TDI (AHU & ALH) Engine to Chevrolet Pre-LS Automatic Transmission Adapter Kit

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Adapter Plate Kit pairs a Volkswagen TDI, AHU & ALH, with any Pre-LS Chevrolet automatic transmission (originally 4.3, V6 or V8). Kit includes the major components to get your transmission mounted to engine, including:

  • Adapter Plate
  • Flexplate
  • Crank Spacer
  • Hi-Torque indexable starter to allow for additional exhaust clearance
  • Starter bolt kit
  • Crankshaft bolt kit
  • Bellhousing bolt kit

There are several transmissions compatible with this assembly. Some examples are:

  • Powerglide
  • TH200 Metric
  • TH350
  • TH400
  • 700R4
  • 4L60 (Pre-LS style)
  • 4L80 (Pre-LS style)


The VW TDI is an excellent mate to the popular GM automatic transmissions. Each is readily available and friendly to upgrades. This drivetrain combination can be used in a variety of applications such as 4x4s, Mini Trucks, Street Rods, Rock Crawlers, etc.

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SKU 2392
Price $989.00
Adaptable Transmission Turbo 350, Turbo 400, 700R4, Chevy 4L80E, Chevy 4L60E
Adaptable Engine VW TDI AHU, VW TDI ALH
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