VW ALH Vacuum Pump Delete Kit

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The VW ALH TDI is a very popular engine both for performance builds and budget conversions. In applications where space between the back of the engine and firewall is limited, such as the ALH to 80’s Toyota 4-cylinder pickups the vacuum pump can be removed and replaced with a vacuum delete plate to gain a few inches of additional clearance. For higher performance or race applications, deleting the vacuum pump is just one more way to reduce work the engine must do by freeing up power that the Gerotor style vac pump is robbing. The plate is designed to physically replace the OEM pump and comes with a new oil seal o-ring. Does require the use of OEM fasteners. **Applications on vehicles with vacuum brakes WILL require a replacement vacuum system (either electric or mechanical) to be installed to maintain proper brake function**
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Adaptable Engine VW TDI ALH
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