Ford- Throttle Pedal Bracket 2003-2004 Recall Replacement, Non-Adjustable Pedal (SKU 3088)

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This pedal bracket kit is for 2003-2004 Fords with a non-adjustable, or fixed accelerator pedal. The bracket kit enables the pedal to pull Cummins throttle cables and maintain use of the built-in TPS. Drilling a hole in the pedal and in the firewall is required. Instructions are included. Please identify your pedal prior to purchasing by clicking this link: Throttle Pedal Identification

Please note: This pedal bracket kit is for ALL 2003-2004 fixed throttle pedals that were replaced due to a recall by it's manufacturer. By clicking the link above and verifying which pedal you have will ensure you recieve the correct parts.
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SKU 3088
Price $139.00
Make of Truck Ford
Year of Truck 2003, 2004
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