Diesel Conversion Specialists works hard to provide high quality, conversion friendly, engines for a reasonable price.  In today's market the term "remanufactured engine" can mean different things and  often times will leave you on the hunt for new or used parts to complete the engine build.    Purchasing a conversion friendly engine ensures you get the right engine for your conversion.  We always have a healthy stock of engines and are never more than a few days away from having an engine ready for you.  If you require a custom built engine we offer those as well.

Anytime you purchase an engine and conversion kit from DCS we dress the engine with as many conversion parts as possible.  Not only does this save you wrench time, if you have your old engine removed,  your DCS refit engine will be drop in ready.

We have a rotating stock of engines and often sell them more quickly than we can update the website.  Give us a call for pricing and details.