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  1. What happens after I place my Order?

    We process orders when we receive them, and orders placed before 2PM will usually ship same day. If you have placed an online order for one of our “Getting Started” or “Comprehensive” kits, a Sales Technician should call you shortly after your order is placed to verify your application.  Diesel Conversion Specialists manufactures a large number of the parts included in our conversion kits, but some of the items come from outside vendors.  In some instances these items will be drop shipped directly from the manufacturer to expediate shipping if we do not have the part stocked in our warehouse. 

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  2. Where do I send my wiring harness for the modification service?

    Diesel Conversion Specialists

    760 Airport Road SW

    Hutchinson, MN 55350

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  3. Can I register my vehicle in states with emissions testing?

    Every state has different laws regarding emissions testing and procedures. What’s legal in Montana may not be legal in California etc.  The bottom line is this, we ALWAYS recommend that you check with your local and state offices to determine legality.

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  4. Can I use the stock Ford gauges in my dash?

    Yes. We sell a sensor adapter kit that includes adapters to help you install the stock oil pressure and temperature sensors into the Cummins engine. The stock tachometer will work with our Tach Kit, and we include the instructions to help you get the wires all reconnected to your sensors without modifying the instrument cluster or removing the dash panel. In your 6.0L and 6.4L truck you can also expect your boost gauge to work.

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  5. Can you provide instructions or technical assistance?

    We have detailed instructions and technical assistance for every part we sell. If you buy a complete conversion kit (Or spend a minimum of $1500) you will receive an in depth installation manual plus technical answers to all your conversion related questions. We have done many conversions in our shop and have helped thousands of customers with their trucks.  Now you can put our proven parts, knowledge and experience into converting your truck too.

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  6. Does Diesel Conversion Specialists® just sell parts?

    Diesel Conversion Specialists® manufactures and sells parts from our central Minnesota location.  Our conversion shop is also located in central Minnesota and will take on select conversion projects that compliment our product lines.  If you would like an estimate for a conversion, please call a Sales Technician at 320.440.2900.

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  7. What makes and models can you convert?

    Diesel Conversion Specialists® has DIY kits for some Ford ½ ton models from 1990-1996, Ford ¾ton and larger trucks from 1967 - 2010, and Chevy/GM trucks from 1973 - 1999.  In addition to these kits, we can take on other custom conversions in our shop.  

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  8. Can you help me put a Cummins into my Dodge truck or put a Powerstroke into my Ford Truck?

    Diesel Conversion Specialists® primarily focuses on repowering Ford and Chevy/GM Trucks.  Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer parts or support for any Dodge to Dodge, or Ford to Ford engine conversions.

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  9. Why buy from DCS?

    Simply put - DCS not only sells parts, but we support the product after the sale.  We have a team of industry enthusiasts ready to answer your questions, whether through phone call or email. We are not perfect – but we strive to help our customers the best we can.   

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  10. What do I need to send in for my wiring harness to be modified?*

    1989 - 1998 12v Cummins Conversion – Conversion truck’s engine wiring harness.  94-98 Cummins Fuel Shut Down Solenoid Plug.

    1998.5 – 2002 24V Cummins Conversion – Conversion truck’s engine wiring harness, Cummins engine wiring harness and Harness between PCM and Fuse Block.

    2003 – 2005 Commonrail Cummins Conversion – Conversion truck’s engine wiring harness and Cummins engine wiring harness.

    2006 + Commonrail Cummins Conversion – Conversion truck’s engine wiring harness, Cummins engine wiring harness, (ECM, SKIM module, and TIPM module and wiring may be required depending on desired tuning)

    Download a wiring work order form here

    *Currently Diesel Conversion Specialists® only offers wire harness modific

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