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  1. Cummins Engine Information


    There are three types of fuel systems used on the 5.9 Cummins engines, and these differences are the only major aspects that set them apart from each other. The engines are universal as far as transmission mounting, if a tranny fits one engine, it will fit another (providing the proper adapter plate is used). For states with emissions inspections, the general rule is to go with an engine of the same year as, or newer than the implant truck. Check with your local emissions inspector for specific laws that apply to your project.

    Some preferences to consider are fuel economy, horse power and torque, mechanical or electronically controlled fuel system, noise level, ease of installation, governed RPM limit, and purchase price.

    Some customers have inquired about utilizing a Cummins Industrial engine for their conversion, please read more about Industrial engines below!

    The Cummins Industrial engines were used in School Buses,

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  2. Common Rail Conversion Information

    Information for Conversions using the Common Rail Cummins Engine



    Possible upgrades to 2003/2004 Cummins:


    Customers using early Commonrails (2003/2004) for their conversion may wish to utilize 2006/2007 Cummins electronics (ECM, TIPM, engine harness, & Injectors).  This allows for true drive-by-wire capability and greater engine tuning options.  An upgrade such as this can be ideal for donor engines purchased without electronics or for customers looking for power improvements.  DCS can then perform our harness service to match your engine connections to the vehicle of your choice. 


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  3. Can I use an engine out of a bus? Freightliner? Generator? What engines work best?

    Although some industrial engines will work with modification and additional parts, we highly recommend staying away from any non-Dodge Cummins engines, especially the electronically controlled engines.  We have found that Dodge Cummins engines are the most “Conversion Friendly”.  Check out our Engine Information page for more information.  If you chose to use an industrial style Cummins engine, be prepared to spend adidtional money on parts and time.

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