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The Ford ® Super Duty ® 6.4L truck is one of the easiest trucks to convert to Cummins ® power. No modifications to the firewall, core support or floor pan are necessary. The stock radiator, intercooler and fan shroud can all be used as is with the Cummins engine.

When you buy Diesel Conversion Specialists’ parts we include year specific installation instructions. This includes wiring instructions for customers using the 12 valve 6BT or the ‘98.5-‘02 24 valve Cummins engines, or if you would prefer, you can opt to have us do the bulk of the wiring work for you by sending in your 6.4 engine harness to be modified, as we do with the ‘03 and newer Cummins engines.

*You must reatain the 3 sensors located in the exhaust system*

Automatic Transmissions


These transmissions work very well in the conversion.   The advantages of using the Ford factory TCM are that you keep the tow/haul function, retain your factory diagnostics with regard to the transmission, and the shift quality adaptive learning remains functional.  The stock transmission harness is utilized with no additional wiring.   We recommend our tuning services for the Ford TCM to assure proper transmission operation and to get the most from your conversion.   Be certain to complete your conversion, per our instruction manual, before driving your truck.   A service fee of $450.00 will apply for the tuning support, plus an SCT tuner will also be necessary (DCS is an Authorized Dealer).   We offer two different options; the SCT X4 and the SCT Livewire TS.   Data logs recorded by the customer are required for our Tuning Technicians to tune your transmission to its fullest potential when mated with a Cummins engine.   The data logs also allow the Tuning Technicians to confirm proper installation and all necessary signals are present.

*Note:  It is strongly suggested that you have the PCM in your truck flashed to the most recent factory firmware version.  A best-case scenario is to do so prior to converting, although your truck can still be flashed after the conversion if need be.  If you are the original owner, you should have received communications from the manufacturer regarding these updates.

See our Cummins to Ford 5R110 Torqshift article for more information.

Dodge Automatics

We currently do not offer any technical support for using these transmissions.


Information on parts in our kit


Our adapter plates for the 6.4 Super Duty use the stock 6.4 Ford starter. No modification is required to the transmission bell housing. These adapter plates use either our custom flywheel or custom flex plate. Our adapter plate replaces the adapter already on the back of the Cummins engine, making a factory quality connection for the transmission. They are precision machined from aircraft quality aluminum.


Please read our Cummins to Ford 5R110 Torqshift article for more information.


Our motor mounts are pre-drilled for moving the transmission back and using the engine driven fan, or leaving the transmission where it is when using electric fans. We do not usually recommend using electric fans, as we have heard back from a few customers that did and had cooling problems. It probably doesn’t save you any money or time in the long run, but it is possible if you would prefer. The engine mounts are an excellent design with a bolt going all the way through the isolator, instead of relying on rubber and weak interlocking tabs to secure them to the frame cross member.

When using the Cummins engine driven fan, the rear drive shaft will need to be shortened, but the front drive shaft on four-wheel drives will stretch enough to reach the front differential. It is necessary to move the transmission cross member back or lengthen the slots in the mount to slide the transmission back enough to give room for the engine driven fan. Automatic trucks already have holes in the frame to move the cross member back to accommodate the Dodge Cummins engine driven fan.


We custom build adapters to put your Ford gauge sending units into the Cummins engine so that your stock gauges still work with the Cummins engine. This also helps get your power steering and brake system working.


We offer an alternator mount that allows you to use the 6.4 alternator if you would like. The advantages of using this alternator is that your indicator light will still work as it should if your charging system should fail. It may be necessary to change the pulley on your alternator to avoid the charge light flickering at engine idle. If you would rather use the Dodge Cummins alternator, we can provide you with an external voltage regulator kit. This kit includes a wire pigtail, a capacitor, and instructions. Common Rail applications do not need the external regulator, even with the Dodge alternator.


We sell exhaust manifolds that work much better in the conversion for the 12 valve and 98.5-02 24 valve engines. These manifolds place the turbo in a better place for a/c box clearance than the stock variety, and also make exhaust and turbo oil drain connections easier as well.
For the 24 valve engines, other exhaust pieces are necessary when using our exhaust manifolds to provide an adjustable elbow connection for the downpipe. Both of these manifolds require you to re-orient your turbo housings to allow your oil drain to be pointed down correctly. This usually requires you to heat the exhaust housing on the turbo to remove the bolts and the housing so the housing can be re-oriented.  Either fixing the waste gate shut or using a different waste gate actuator we can provide is also necessary because once the turbo is re-oriented the actuator will hit the engine block. Fixing the waste gate shut does not usually have any adverse effects on the engine, but we do recommend using a boost gauge to monitor and limit boost pressures to less than 40 psi.

We also offer manifold gaskets, and new exhaust manifold to turbo studs. Also helpful is a flexible turbo drain tube that connects to the stock hose and elbow that is left in your engine block when you remove the stock drain tube connected to the turbo. If you would rather, it is possible to heat this tube up to bend and twist it to allow reconnecting it after you re-orient your turbo housings.


The tach kit consists of the mounting bracket, sensor, and tach ring. These parts, in addition to the cam sensor provison on the adapter plate, are necessary to make your factory tachometer work. Providing this signal to your Ford PCM computer also is necessary for the air conditioning, factory transmission control, A/C, cruise control and more electonically controlled items in the truck to function properly. The crank sensor and mount we make is the easiest way to supply the tach signal.

Most 12 valve engines 94 and newer already have the tach sensor base, which is bolted to the front cover at about 5 o'clock to the balancer. You will have to drill and tap a hole in it for our sensor mount to bolt to it.

All 6.4 trucks require the tach ring that bolts onto the front of the Cummins crankshaft balancer, for the sensor to send the correct signal pulse to the Ford PCM that makes the tachometer work. However, those using the Common Rail engine may use our mount for their stock 6.4 sensor to read the Common Rail’s tone ring.
A cam signal is also needed to run the factory tachometer on these trucks. Our adapter plate and included cam sensor ring will allow the use of your existing Ford cam sensor and cam sensor wiring connector.


We sell a Brute Force air filter, pipe and hose to connect to your turbocharger. The DCS part# 1943 positions the Brute Force air filter right where your factory air filter is now with some modifications to the pipe section we send. We are currently working on a piece that will put it there right out of the box.


This manifold bolts to the back of a ’94 and newer Dodge a/c pump, making the a/c plumbing less of a challenge. When installing an older Cummins (89-90ish) into the Super Duty we recommend using the 94 or newer Dodge A/C pump and bracket. The newer pump is shorter and the lines are attached differently than on the older models. It is necessary to have adapters welded to your Ford A/C lines so that you can have hoses crimped together with the A/C manifold that we send. Keep your Ford high pressure switch.


This kit includes the radiator and heater hoses that work well in the conversion and a specially bent, aluminized steel, lower radiator hose connector tube along with hose clamps. This also includes the fill tank hose.


If your truck has adjustable pedals, or if it is equipped with an automatic transmission, you may want to buy our pedal bracket kit. These bolt onto your existing Ford pedal, enabling you to pull a Cummins throttle cable. Refer to the fuel pedal identification article to identify the pedal style you have, then we can get you the kit you need.


We can provide you 6.4 engine harness modification services that make wiring much less of a challenge. We modify your 6.4 engine harness to become a Cummins engine harness, providing your Ford PCM the signals it needs to make your factory gauges work. This service is normally included in packages for those using the 03 and newer Common Rail Cummins engines, as we do not provide wiring instructions for do-it-yourselfers for this specific engine. This service is optional for the 12 and 98.5-02 24 valve engines, as we do provide wiring instructions for these engines when you buy parts for your conversion.


Even if you buy everything we sell, you will need to come up with a few parts on your own, such as an exhaust down pipe (usually a Dodge down pipe can be a good start), and intercooler tubes (again Dodge stuff can be a good start). We may be able to supply you with these, but our supply is limited at this time.
A Dodge throttle cable, and a Ford gas powered truck’s cruise servo. When you order parts, we can tell you exactly what you will need; we may even be able to supply these parts for you.

Automatic transmission equipped trucks will require a throttle position sensor. Depending on the year and what transmission your Cummins engine had on it originally, you may need to purchase a throttle position sensor, or look into other options such as our pedal bracket kits. These are especially helpful if you have adjustable pedals and want to keep that feature. Refer to the fuel pedal identification article to identify the pedal style you have, then we can get you the kit you need. All 24 valve engines already have a throttle position sensor that can be used for the transmission controller.


Give us a call and find out how Diesel Conversions® can do a professional conversion on your truck for a reasonable price. We have an international airport for travel from and back to our shop, and also can help with shipping options getting a disabled truck here.

This information is provided to you to help you make an informed decision on your conversion. If you have any questions do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

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