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  1. Toyota 1986-1995 to VW TDI ALH

    1986-1995 Toyota SR5 4WD to 1998 – 2003 Volkswagen 1.9L TDI                            

    Adapter Plate Kits<---Click Here for kit pricing

    Finally the power and economy you’ve been craving!  DCS has taken into account all of the major steps and created a kit which contains all of the hard to manufacture & hard to configure parts.   This kit is designed for the Toyota manual transmission ONLY.


    A few things to consider before this conversion.:

    Number 1, because this conversion package requires the transmission to be moved forward, the floor pan and potentially the lower portion of the dash will need to be altered to clear the shifter. 

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  2. 2003-2007 Ford 6.0L Diesel


    The Ford ® Super Duty ® 6.0L trucks are great candidates to convert to Cummins ® power. No modifications to the firewall, core support or floor pan are necessary. The stock radiator, intercooler and fan shroud can all be used as is with the Cummins engine.

    When you buy Diesel Conversions ® parts we include installation instructions. DCS can do the bulk of the wiring work for you by sending in your wiring harnesses to be modified.




    5R110-  These transmissions work very well in the conversion.  The advantages of using the Ford factory TCM is that you keep the tow/haul functions, retain your factory diagnostics with regard to the transmission, and the stock shift quality adaptive function is retained, and no additional wiring. We recommend our tuning services for the

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  3. 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Diesel


    Information for all 6.4L models

    The Ford ® Super Duty ® 6.4L truck is one of the easiest trucks to convert to Cummins ® power. No modifications to the firewall, core support or floor pan are necessary. The stock radiator, intercooler and fan shroud can all be used as is with the Cummins engine.

    You are not on your own when choosing to do a conversion with DCS. Installation instructions are included with your parts purchase. Technical support is also available either through phone or email. DCS can also do the bulk of the wiring work for you. Depending on the engine chosen, we offer either a new conversion harness (12V and 2003-2004 common rail) or a harness modification service (24V and 2005-2009 common rail).

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  4. Can I put a Cummins engine in my truck that had a gas engine in it previously?

    Yes. It’s a bit more work and you will have to buy a few more parts like an intercooler, exhaust, & possibly a diesel radiator.  For automatic transmissions, an OEM diesel torque converter plus you'll also have to get rid of your in-tank fuel pumps.

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  5. Cummins to Ford 7.3 Power Stroke ZF 6-Speed

    The 1999-2003 Ford 7.3 Diesel 6-speed works well behind a Cummins engine. Ford started using this transmission in 1999. If your truck did not have one of these transmissions originally you may want to consider swapping one in, especially if you are planning to use your truck for heavy trailer pulling. They are rated for 520 ft/lbs of torque.

    The adapter plate for this transmission uses a 2003 - 2007 Ford 6.0L diesel starter, depending on the adapter plate you order. Grinding the bell housing starter pocket is required to give necessary starter to transmission clearance.

    The Adapter Plate Kit includes everything you need except a Dodge Cummins 6 speed flywheel, and clutch. While you're at it buy a South Bend Clutch Kit from us and then you'll have everything!

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  6. Chevy 1973-1988 Straight Axle Trucks. Crew Cab / Suburban through 1991

    Chevrolet Conversion Overview


    • 4x4 trucks have taller tunnels than a 2WD truck 
    • 2WD trucks will need a body lift or tunnel modification (depending on transmission)
    • Requires firewall modification to allow removal of #6 valve cover
    • Need to bend the pinch weld where the tunnel meets the firewall for bell housing & exhaust clearance
    • Crossmember under oil pan needs to be dropped 2 inches
    • 5 and 6 speed manual transmissions don’t fit without additional modifications




    Automatic transmissions in this era of truck do not make good conversion transmissions due to lack of overdrive and lock-up torque converter. Now is the time to upgrade. A 4L80 is a great option.


    • 4 speed overdrive. Final ratio is .75
    • Lock-up torque converter
    • Requires an aftermarket transmission controller, s
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  7. Chevy 1988-1999 4x4 with IFS

    Fitment of the Cummins engine is tight but results in a great conversion because you get to keep your IFS. 

    • Keep IFS ride quality
    • No Body Lift Required
    • Electric Cooling Fans
    • Water-to-Air Intercooler
    • Keep cruise control
    • Factory instrument cluster works- Gas and Diesel


    The space from the firewall to core support is limited.  You may be able to run the mechanical cooling fan but it will require a body or suspension lift and additional fabrication work.


    Modern, electronically controlled transmissions are better suited for conversions than the automatics transmissions of yesteryear due to shift control, overdrive, and torque converter lookup.  The electronic controlled transmissions (4L60 & 4L80) do not require replacement valve-body, kick-down linkages, etc. it simply plug & play.  A throttle position sensor is required when using

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  8. 1994-1998 12 valve Cummins Engine Troubleshooting

    94-98 Fuel system troubleshooting

    Engine won’t start:

    Bleed the air out of the system

    If you are starting your Cummins for the first time, it is required to “bleed” the air out of the injector lines by loosening the injector line nut just enough to allow fuel and air to escape the line while you are cranking the engine. It is usually required to do at least 3 injector lines. Tightening the line nut while you are still cranking the engine is the best way. This is also a good way to verify that the injector pump’s shut down solenoid is allowing fuel to the injector. If your supply fuel line is loose, it is possible to draw air into the fuel system at that point, so if you suspect you are not getting rid of the air in the system check your supply line connections. These engines should have between 18-30 psi or more of lift pump fuel pressure. 

    Good supply pressure/fuel at injector

    If you have fuel at the injector, good fu

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  9. Do you have a kit to help me put a Duramax into my Truck?

    Diesel Conversion Specialists® currently only offers parts and service for cummins diesel conversions. 

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  10. What happens after I place my Order?

    We process orders when we receive them, and orders placed before 2PM will usually ship same day. If you have placed an online order for one of our “Getting Started” or “Comprehensive” kits, a Sales Technician should call you shortly after your order is placed to verify your application.  Diesel Conversion Specialists manufactures a large number of the parts included in our conversion kits, but some of the items come from outside vendors.  In some instances these items will be drop shipped directly from the manufacturer to expediate shipping if we do not have the part stocked in our warehouse. 

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