Air Intake Kit with AFE POWER Magnum Conical Filter- 1999-2003 7.3L Diesel only

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This Air Intake Kit is specifically for a 1999-2003 Ford that had a 7.3 diesel. It includes a Spectre cone filter and 4" steel elbow. This kit puts the filter where the passenger side battery in the diesel currently sits, right behind the headlight, to obtain good fresh air. This kit uses an existing rubber hose these trucks already have. This is not a cold air kit, and requires some trimming of steel and rubber elbow to fit. ***Does not work on non-intercooled or 6.7 Cummins turbo chargers, without extra parts or modification***
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SKU 1942
Price $180.00
Make of Truck Ford
Year of Truck 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
Adaptable Engine 12V 1st Gen- 1989-1993, 12V 2nd Gen- 1994-1998, 24 Valve- 1999-2002, Common Rail 5.9- 2003-2007
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