A/C Adapter: Dodge A/C compressor to Ford A/C lines

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Our A/C manifold is the suction and discharge lines that bolt onto the back of the 1994-2005 Dodge Cummins A/C pump only.  Will work on any Cummins as long as it has this year range of a/c pump.

This manifold can then be crimped with new hose to Ford lines by an A/C shop in your area.

Depending on your application, other parts may be needed in addition to this part, please read the conversion overview for your truck for more information. 

*Note* Late model diesel trucks require more extensive A/C work than OBS trucks

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Make of Truck Ford
Adaptable Engine 12V 2nd Gen- 1994-1998, 24 Valve- 1999-2002, Common Rail 5.9- 2003-2007
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