1989-2002 Cummins One Wire Alternator 136 Amp With Tach Output

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1 wire, 136 amp alternator for 1989-2002 12 valve and 24 valve Cummins engine. Requires only one 12 volt power source. Built in regulator eliminates the use of an external regulator and associated wiring. This Alternator provides a "w" terminal for those who wish to get a tach signal from the alternator. If tach signal is not needed please see SKU 2462

*** In order to achieve proper tach signal, you will need to purchase a tach signal converter of your choice. (Available from multiple vendors).

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SKU 2516
Price $349.00
Adaptable Engine 12V 1st Gen- 1989-1993, 12V 2nd Gen- 1994-1998, 24 Valve- 1999-2002
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