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12 Valve P-Pump Throttle Linkage Kit

12 Valve P-Pump Throttle Linkage Kit

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This throttle linkage kit is what you will need to put the Dodge Cummins throttle linkage on a 12 valve with P-7100 inline injector pump.  The injector pump must have the three tapped holes shown in the picture below.  A throttle position sensor bracket, sensor, nor pigtail is NOT included. Some injection pumps have holes in these locations but the threads are much bigger than those shown (8mm).   You will need to reduce the threads to 8mm if that is the case. We can provide you with the propper thread reducing inserts if needed. (SKU 3129)

**** Although this kit contains most of the required parts needed, it is a Cummins replacement part and assumes you may already have some of the required hardware.  Depending on the configuration of your pump, you may need to source a few small pieces of hardware seperately. 

SKU 1810
Weight 4 lb
Make of Truck Chevy/GMC, Dodge, Ford
Adaptable Engine 12V 2nd Gen- 1994-1998
Price $800.00